Why Canary?

Investment alpha in early token investing depends on timing, project quality and network effects. Current ICO and crypto listing sites profit off being paid by the startups they're reviewing, and give ratings based off of black box methodology. Canary is different: we never take advertisements or compensation from ICOs for reviews.

As a subscriber to Canary Network, you get specialized, independent research on crypto assets by our dedicated team of analysts. We do everything from critical deep dives into protocols to machine learning models for sentiment trading. Our team has advised successful multi-million token projects, have years of experience in business intelligence, plus backgrounds in computer science, economics, and journalism.


research services

Custom Research

Run a fund, client advisory, wallet, or exchange? We conduct custom research into crypto-assets based on your requirements.

Research Subscription

We provide research on the latest blockchain and crypto assets to our subscribers. You decide the projects we do research on.