Executive Team


Rupi Singh

Rupi Singh is CEO and head of research for Canary Network. Rupi is an experienced leader and data scientist who has built and led multiple teams in the areas of business intelligence, data science, analytics, product management and procurement.

Rupi has a bachelor’s in journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism and an MBA in finance and supply chain management from Michigan State University.


Brian Ng

Brian Ng is head of product for Canary Network. Brian is a technologist and data scientist who has worked for Lightyear.io / Stellar, advised a token sale for Current Media, and as a consultant for TGG Group, where he worked with economists such as Steven Levitt and Daniel Kahneman.

Brian graduated with a degree in Economics and English Literature from the University of Chicago with Honors.


Jonida Cali

Jonida Cali is blockchain and technology advisor for Canary Network. Jonida is a software engineer with more than 10 years of global experience in cloud computing, distributed systems, and software management in both public and private companies. She is an advocate and mentor of women in technology.

Jonida has a Masters in CS from Carnegie Mellon University and a BSc in Digital Systems from University of Piraeus.

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