Q. How do you make money? Who pays for the reviews?

We sell subscriptions to our research and that is the primary method of compensation for us and that is how reviews are paid for. Sometimes our subscribers and customers pay us to conduct reviews that they are specifically interested in. HOWEVER, we DO NOT accept compensation from ICOs to do reviews on them. 


Q. Do you make investments in projects? Do you have an investment fund?

At this point, we don't have an investment fund. However, some of the top investment funds in crypto are our partners and we make investments into top projects through them. 


Q. Can we pay you to change your rating of our ICO/asset?

No. Our ratings are there for a reason and those reasons are explained in the reports. If you think we have some of our facts wrong, please let us know and we will revisit our report.


Q. We don't agree with something you mentioned in a review. What can we do do?

You can reach out to us and give your view. We respect different opinions and freely admit that we won't always get it right.


Q. What is the team behind the company?

We are transparent about who we are and our backgrounds. You can read more about us in here and can also find us on LinkedIn.


Q. Can you conduct research just for me/my syndicate/my fund?

We can. Please reach out to us at info(at)canary.network or through our contact us page and we can have a discussion around your needs.


Q. You stated a fact in your review that has since changed. Can you change your review?

Yes! Let us know and we will assess whether the change is material enough to warrant a change in the review.


Q. Can you consult with us on our project?

We can and have done so in the past. Our team has many years of diverse business experience and are happy to have a discussion on how we can help you. However, please be aware that we are very selective about consulting projects we take on and that engaging us for consulting work does not mean a positive review for your project.


Q. What is the history of Canary Network?

We have been conducting this research for our own use for more than a year. As long term believers in the power of blockchain, we got tired of all the paid-for shilling and FUD that counts as research in crypto and decided to make our research available to others. Canary Network in its current avatar has existed since January 2018.